What We Do?


As 1000 Volt Animation team, we create the 3D world in advertising and movie projects. We minimize the rendering times that affect the time and quality of your work with our world-class Render Farm.

We use 2D/3D software and our creative team to complete your work that is costly or impossible to shoot on set. These include software such as Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, After Effetcs and Nuke. We can also quickly implement additional solutions required during the process. We can offer solutions for all your projects with our domestic and international solution partners we work with.

Our animation solutions;
Concept Design, Storyboard Drawing, Animatic Creation, Character Design, Motion Graphics, Animation 2D/3D, Project Design, 2D/3D Production, 3D Stereoscopy, 3D Projection Mapping, Digital Content Production