Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator

General Qualifications

  • Preferably a graduate from relevant departments at universities,
  • Preferably proficient in English,
  • Capable of taking responsibility, result-oriented, and possessing problem-solving skills,
  • Experienced in team management and organization,
  • Solution-oriented when faced with problems,
  • Strong social skills and high communication ability,
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in a similar position,
  • For male candidates, completion of military service.

Job Description

  • Assessing job requests related to projects from brands and production companies with 1000 Volt creative teams to ensure projects are completed within the expected time, budget, and quality,
  • Facilitating coordination between departments,
  • Establishing a balance between timing, scheduling, delivery, and budget,
  • Efficiently planning the company's and the team's work schedules,
  • Conducting project budgeting, project closure, and reporting when necessary.

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