1000 Volt
Post Production Studio

1000 Volt Post Production was founded by Eda Arıkan in 2005 to do post production and visual effects work for commercials, feature films and TV series. 1000 Volt Post Production added a new vision to the sector with its innovative perspective and carried the Turkish Post Production sector to world standards.

1000 Volt, which has made significant investments on behalf of the sector since its establishment, has always focused on the global perspective and has attached great importance to development and continues its post production works with a qualified and creative staff using high technology. The company is Turkey's most innovative and leading post production company with its domestic and international creative teams.

Our Aim

Our most important goal is to realize world-class projects for movies, TV series and commercials and to achieve lasting success. While achieving these goals, it is an indispensable requirement for us to enjoy what we do, to develop and improve.

1000 Volt cares about sectoral development and raising standards as well as its own development. It is indispensable for us to have and develop a strong creative team that respects people, uses technology well, has goals.

Our studio

What We Do?

We do movies, TV series and commercials with high quality and creative requirements. We offer the industry's strongest team and infrastructure in Post Production and Visual Effects. We offer a great experience to your projects with our 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos mixing facilities.